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These Top-Rated Recipes Pay Tribute to Dad

Can we get a super size WOOT for Dad? Especially the fathers who love to cook! Here are a bunch of top-rated recipes that pay tribute to Dad, Daddy, Grandpa and Pops. It doesn't have to be Father's Day to make these stone cold winners for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So Brunchworthy

Get the day started with something warm and comforting, perfect dishes for being lazy around the breakfast table over the weekend.

Bacon and Egg Breakfast Pizza

Bacon and Egg Breakfast Pizza | Photo by Meredith

Comfort Food-Focused Main Dishes

Dad-driven menus tend to lean on big, bold flavors, often cooked on the grill. These satisfying suppers hit the mark on filling everybody up, while making diners admire the creative twists.

Justin's Hoosier Daddy Chili

Photo by Mi ~ (a PRO at) Being Mi

We're Sweet on Dear Old Dad

Let's finish this tribute to sugar-fueled recipes inspired by, or written by, fathers everywhere with a few treats. Bonus points for these goodies being sort of surprising.

Three ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

Photo by naples34102

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