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19 Homemade Snacks for Kids to Take to School

Skip the potato chips and go for these healthier, homemade snacks instead.

Getting creative with school lunches and snacks can make things more fun for both you and your kiddos. The great thing about these homemade school snacks is that they're healthier than the typical chips or fruit snacks, but they taste just as good! Change up snack time by trying these homemade snacks that are perfect for bringing to school.

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1. Soccer Chex® Mix

Trade your store bought snack mix for this homemade version that can be made in bulk and packed in lunches all week long. The best part is that you can adjust the ingredients to your liking—making it a healthy, new way to enjoy snack mix. Reviewer familychef says, “I love that I can make a low sodium Chex® Mix.”

Soccer Chex(R) Mix
Photo by Molly

2. Mom’s Zucchini Bread

“Really, really good and moist—my kids eat it as quickly as I can make it. Bread will freeze well, and keep in the refrigerator for weeks,” says recipe creator v monte. Discover why this recipe has over 3,500 raving reviews!

3. Terrific Trail Mix

“We are trying to eat healthier and this is a snack that we are reaching for instead of chips, etc.,” says reviewer Butterfly Flutterby. This simple snack is a great source of protein, and with only four ingredients, it’s so easy to make.

Terrific Trail Mix
Photo by Dave W.

4. Super Easy Hummus

This hummus is ready in just five minutes! Garbanzo beans are packed with fiber and protein, making this a healthy and easy snack to make for your little ones. Throw some pita chips, carrots, or celery in with it for dipping.

5. Healthier Soft Oatmeal Cookies

Who says your kids can’t have cookies at snack time? These oatmeal cookies are soft and scrumptious, but also filled with fiber! Recipe creator MakeItHealthy says, “My family loves these oatmeal cookies, and with my made-over version, they are a great way to sneak extra fiber and grains into their diet! I reduce the sugar, add whole wheat, use rolled oats and add dates for extra fiber!"

Healthier Soft Oatmeal Cookies
Photo by Pitoune's cooking

6. Fruit Dip II

If you have some picky eaters on your hands, this simple fruit dip is a great way to get your kids to eat their fruit. “Ever since I made this recipe for the first time a couple of months ago, I get requests for it all the time! My son loves it and I have served it at several get-togethers. Sometimes I add a bit of orange juice and I always use light strawberry cream cheese,” says reviewer MICHELLE B.

7. Alabama Fire Crackers

If you’re looking to add some serious flavor to snack time, try this twist on saltine crackers. Garlic powder, onion powder, ranch dressing mix, and crushed red pepper flakes season these crackers to perfection. It’s great for older kids who can handle some heat.

Alabama Fire Crackers
Photo by lutzflcat

8. Kettle Corn

"Take a trip to the county fair with a bowl of old-fashioned Kettle Corn. Your family will never want plain popcorn again! If you use white sugar, it will taste like popcorn balls and if you use brown sugar, it will taste like caramel corn," says SUE202. Popcorn is a great healthy snack that’s easy to pack in lunches, and this recipe makes it as easy as possible to make kettle corn at home.

9. Chocolate Cake Batter Hummus

"Dessert hummus is a thing, and it is absolutely decadent without all the guilt! Serve with pretzels, strawberries, or graham crackers. Also makes a delicious filling for crepes topped with bananas. You can trick anyone into eating chickpeas when they taste this good! For a deeper color and flavor, use Dutch process cocoa powder,” says recipe creator France C. This snack speaks for itself: healthy, delicious, and ready in 10 minutes.

Chocolate Cake Batter Hummus
Photo by France C

10. Sweet, Salty, Spicy Party Nuts

This nut mix is the perfect blend of sweet and savory. "I find this technique much easier than the stovetop pan method. You'll get beautiful, perfectly frosted nuts that are roasted evenly, with no bitter burned spots,” says Chef John. Try using non-stick foil or parchment paper to keep the nuts from sticking to the foil.

11. No Bake Granola Bars

"Great quick and easy granola bar recipe that kids can make. Perfect to throw in lunches or in your purse for travel... I generally keep the bars in the refrigerator until I am ready to eat them, but these keep well to take to work or school,” says recipe creator Jessica Clara Noelle Grant. These fast and easy granola bars are filled with healthy ingredients like flaxseed, almonds, and oats.

No Bake Granola Bars
Photo by Lela 

12. Baked Kale Chips

You may have given up hope that your kids would ever come near this nutrient-dense superfood. But this recipe might just change things for you. “These were really neat. They did have a similar taste to potato chips...Even the kids ate them, which is saying something for kale,” says reviewer Spigranardo.

13. Fresh Applesauce

Reviewer KIKA9133 says, “This was a big hit with my whole family. My kids are fighting right now over who gets to eat the last bit of applesauce,” says KIKA9133. Applesauce is a classic lunchbox addition, but making homemade allows you to control what goes inside. Some reviewers recommend cutting back on the sugar called for in the recipe, this way you can cook it to your desired sweetness.

Fresh Applesauce
Photo by pomplemousse

14. Chef John’s Chocolate Energy Bars

"If you compare these chocolate energy bars to similar fruit/nut bars sold at the store, I think they taste better, are nutritionally superior, and probably cheaper to make at home,” says Chef John. These bars are packed with dates, cashews, almonds, and coconut for a delicious and nutritious snack to take on the go.

15. Banana Muffins I

Muffins are an easy, portable snack that any kid will eat. Reviewer Dustin says, “One of the best banana muffin recipes. It's simple and tastes great, and best of all is low in fat and sugar. I made some for my kids and they loved them! I didn't have the heart to tell them the muffins were actually good for them!”

Banana Muffins I
Photo by tahoegirl

16. Pressure Cooker Hard-Boiled Eggs

For a little added protein, hard-boiled eggs are a no brainer. But what is truly the best method to getting those yolks just right and those fresh eggs easy to peel? Try this pressure cooking method for easy eggs in no time. Reviewer DBMAMZ says, “I started boiling eggs in my pressure cooker recently and I love it! For my instant pot, I use the steam setting. Much easier to peel!”

17. Fruit Leather

Reviewer Angela Townsend Raines says, “My kids LOVE these and will not touch the store bought ones now, which makes me very happy as a mommy!” You can even cut back on the sugar or substitute honey for a healthier version. However you choose to do it, you’ll be saying goodbye to processed, store-bought fruit rolls for good.

Fruit Leather
Photo by pomplemousse

18. Chef John’s Cheesy Crackers

"These crunchy, crispy crackers have a big, bold cheese flavor. They're vastly superior to anything you can get at the store. You can change up the cheeses and the spices. It's really a fun thing to play around with,” says Chef John. These crackers are made with real cheese, and you and your kids will be able to tell the difference.

19. Ants on a Log

Sometimes simple is best. Just three ingredients are required for this healthy, protein packed snack that your kids will love! They can even join in on the fun by making them by themselves! “This is a wonderfully fun, delicious, and nutritious snack for children and adults,” says reviewer TAYL5286.

Ants on a Log
Photo by Melissa Goff

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