Spaghetti Sauces

Convenience, Italian Style

Great over pasta, prepared spaghetti sauces are also a shortcut for creating more elaborate dishes like lasagna.

Pomodoro, the Destroyer
It’s hard to imagine Italian cooking without tomatoes. Yet tomatoes arrived in Italy only after Columbus came to the New World. Even then, Europeans initially feared the tomato was poisonous — or worse, an aphrodisiac!

Spaghetti Sauce II

Photo by Dianne

Hittin’ the Sauce
Prepared spaghetti sauces come in numerous styles to satisfy every craving. There are meat sauces, mushroom sauces, roasted tomato, and garlic sauces, spicy sauces, three-cheese, and veggie sauces, even organic sauces.

Lycopene to the Rescue
Recent studies show that the antioxidant lycopene in tomatoes may offer protection against prostate cancer. When tomatoes are cooked with olive oil, the lycopene is absorbed even more easily into the body.

Recipes to try: