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Top 10 Boozy Desserts For St. Patrick's Day

How Saint Patrick became the patron saint of pub crawls is a mystery you might well ponder. You'll find the answer at the bottom of the page, but until you get there,  savor these top-rated booze-soaked sweets along the way. Sort of like pub-crawing a dessert rainbow with a pot of golden knowledge at the end.

1) Irish Cream Chocolate Cheesecake

Allrecipes member SQUIRKIE has solid advice for making this top-rated cheesecake as chocolatey good as it can be. Get all the tips.



Irish Cream Chocolate Cheesecake | Photo by Deb C

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2) Irish Cream Truffle Fudge

Reviewers suggested using a 9x12 pan instead of an 8x8 to make this creamy fudge a bit shorter and easier to cut when it cools. But you do what works for you.


Irish Cream Truffle Fudge

Irish Cream Truffle Fudge | Photo by Deb C

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3) Chocolate Beer Cupcakes With Whiskey Filling And Irish Cream Icing

A solid 5-star hit for any St. Paddy's celebration. Watch the video and see how to make them.

4) Irish Cream Chocolate Mousse

It's not you, it's the photo that's a bit tipsy. This light and airy mousse has just a bit of Irish cream in it for flavor, but bump it up, if you'd like.


Irish Cream Chocolate Mousse

Irish Cream Chocolate Mousse | Photo by PelicanGal

5) Guinness® Ice Cream

Pull out your ice cream maker for this one, then serve it as a float or over warm brownies.


Guinness Ice Cream

Guinness Ice Cream | Photo by The Gruntled Gourmand

6) Irish Cream Ice Cream

Everyone's who's made it loves it. The alcohol makes the ice cream take a bit longer to firm up in the freezer, but the results are worth the wait.


Irish Cream Ice Cream

Irish Cream Ice Cream | Photo by Shorecook

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7) Irish Bananas

Does this mean if they grew bananas in Ireland, they'd simmer them in butter with brown sugar and Irish whiskey to serve over ice cream?

8) Perfect St. Patrick's Day Cake

There's a double dose of Guinness and Irish Cream in this decadent cake. And that doesn't seem to be a problem for all the reviewers who gave it top marks.


Perfect St. Patrick's Day Cake

Perfect St. Patrick's Day Cake | Photo by Kaila

9) Diana's Guinness® Chocolate Cake with Guinness Chocolate Icing

When chocolate and stout get together, the resulting cake is greater than the sum of its parts.


Diana's Guinness Chocolate Cake with Guinness Chocolate Icing

Diana's Guinness Chocolate Cake with Guinness Chocolate Icing | Photo by The Gruntled Gourmand

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10) Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce

After a long night of wretched excess, wrap up in this warm, comforting blanket of a bread pudding. The recipe doesn't specify it, but you know you'll use Irish whiskey for the sauce, right?


Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce

Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce | Photo by Lindslor

The Answer You've Been Seeking

Now, about that whole drinking on Saint Patrick's day business. According to legend, the dear saint himself used whiskey to teach a stingy innkeeper a lesson in generosity. It seems that after receiving a less than brimming pour, the future saint declared there was a devil living in the cellar of the inn, whose wicked ways caused the innkeeper to be greedy and cheat his customers of their full measure of drink. The only way to rid the place of this devil, he said, was to fill each cup to overflowing. This the innkeeper did, Patrick proclaimed the devil banished, and now we drink on Saint Patrick's day to commemorate banishing the devil with a generous outpouring of spirits. So, there you have it.

All that remains is to learn how to say "good health" in Irish Gaelic when you raise your glass to cheer your fellow merrymakers.


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