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Fire Up Your Summer Brunches with 15 Grill-Friendly Recipes

Warm temperatures mean outdoor cooking, but most people only think of the grill when it comes to backyard barbecues and afternoon and evening get-togethers. Take full advantage by making brunch a grillworthy event, as the magic of cooking over an open flame can add that something special to many morning/afternoon dishes.

The Main Event

Up your brunch affair by cooking any main dishes on the grill. The smoky flavor is great for savory meat and veggie dishes, while you can even use a standard pan, a cast iron skillet or muffin tin over your grill's open flame to cook eggs.



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Side Dishes

Impart any accompaniments with that unique pleasantly charred flavor by turning to the grill for side dishes. These popular recipes could also serve as excellent appetizers for a brunch get-together.



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Something Sweet for the Win

Don't turn that grill off once you've cooked all your savory dishes! A real way to knock a brunch out of the park is with a grilled sweet dish, taking advantage of how natural sugars in fruit will caramelize when they come in contact with that iron grate.



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