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These Surprise Cupcakes Will Wow Your Sweetheart

Treat your special someone to adorable homemade sweetheart cupcakes with a surprise inside.

Sweetheart Cupcakes

Photo by Dianne

Pictured: Sweetheart Cupcakes

Everyone who bites into these super-cute cupcakes wonders how they managed to get filled with three different colors of cake. Turns out there's a pretty easy trick. Once you know it, you can make colorful cupcakes for all kinds of themed occasions.

How to Make Sweetheart Cupcakes

Watch the video to see how to get the colors inside the the cupcakes.

Tips for Success

The best advice always comes from home cooks who've actually made the recipe, right? Here are a few of the most useful tips from the AR community:

  • "Make sure you push the tip of the bag (with colored mix) down into the white batter so you get the effect of the picture. My first batch had more of a tri-layered look instead of the centered colored look. Oops. :)" –Kea
  • "For those of you who want to achieve the colored stripes in your icing, simply paint a stripe about 5-inches long down each side of your piping bag with gel coloring. You can use one color or multiple colors, depending on the look you're going for. Carefully fill the bag with icing and start playing!" –CookinBug
  • "Instead of using the third tinted cake batter, I made mint chocolate ganache for the center of the cupcakes. FABULOUS!!" –LINGYV
  • "I recommend using a sandwich-sized bag and using about a cup of the batter at a time. It's a little more time consuming but it wastes less and is easier to control." –nerdyowl
  • "I frosted them with Rick's Special Buttercream Frosting and added 1 teaspoon raspberry flavoring to that too. What a beautiful, yummy treat for my hubby this Valentine's Day!" –Dianne

Why stop at Valentine's Day? These cupcakes are perfect for revealing "It's a Girl" or "It's a Boy" for baby showers. Surprise!


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