The 12 Cakes of Christmas

Be sweet to yourself this Christmas. Choose from 12 of the Allrecipes community’s favorite holiday cakes.

1) Favorite Old Fashioned Gingerbread

Favorite Old Fashioned Gingerbread

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Submitted by: Charles

Rave Review: “A excellent gingerbread recipe. I love to use it like a shortcake, using juicy peaches and whipping cream. Yummy!” –DeltaQueen50


2) English Walnut Date Cake

English Walnut Date Cake

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Submitted by: Lynda McCormick

Rave Review: “I made this for Christmas and everyone raved about it! I also made a granadilla flavored icing that I drizzled over it and the tanginess really complemented the cake flavor. Will definitely be making this every year for Christmas now.” –Purplemoon


3) Chocolate Decadence Yule Log

Chocolate Decadence Yule Log

Photo by donleyt2

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Submitted by: Kim C.

Rave Review: “Perfect ratios and the directions are great. I have made other Yule logs in the past, but this is the recipe I will use from now on.” –Jillian


4) White Fruit Cake

White Fruit Cake

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Submitted by: Brenda

Rave Review: “This is a great recipe for white fruitcake. I have been looking for a good white fruitcake recipe, and this is definitely the one! Will make again every year!” –Steph577


5) Apple Bavarian Torte

Apple Bavarian Torte

Photo by pily

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Submitted by: Terri

Rave Review: “I have been making this for years. It started in high school, when I had to make something Bavarian for German class. Little did I know it would be so popular. When someone is having a party, they request this torte. I make it every Thanksgiving and most New Year’s Eves, but it is good any time of the year.” –Sekelsey


6) Cherry Pound Cake

Cherry Pound Cake

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Submitted by: Holly Fisher

Rave Review: “I wish I could give this cake more than 5 stars. It is fantastic! I used light cream cheese and used lemon extract instead of the almond extract. I made a glaze with the cherry juice and icing sugar and drizzled it on while the cake was still warm. I can’t wait to make it again!” –Jennifer72_00


7) Eggnog Cheesecake III

Eggnog Cheesecake III

Photo by drbugs

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Submitted by: Bill Sinclair

Rave Review: “This is absolutely everything I hoped for! I have wanted to make an eggnog cheesecake for years and just found this recipe. Made it last night and couldn’t wait till after Thanksgiving dinner to taste it. It is incredible! Anyone who loves eggnog has to make this. Thank you for this recipe.” –Susandon


8) Peppermint Chiffon Cake

Peppermint Chiffon Cake

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Submitted by: Lynn

Rave Review: “This was absolutely delicious. Everyone wanted the recipe. Looks more complicated than it really is. Very easy to make. I frosted it with cool whip and put some holiday sprinkles on top. Rave reviews!!” –Jingrum

9) Ultimate Cranberry Pudding Cake

Ultimate Cranberry Pudding Cake

Photo by Jenniffer Farmer Baltzell

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Submitted by: Lisa Kreft

Rave Review: “The sauce is what makes this cake so great. I took this cake to a Hanukkah party and a Christmas party last year and it got rave reviews at both. I can’t remember when I’ve had so many requests for one recipe. I will be making this, by request :) every year from now on.” –Zale

10) Red Velvet Cake IV

Red Velvet Cake IV

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Submitted by: Pat in St. Augustine

Rave Review: “This cake is excellent! I have used this recipe twice and each time, I get more requests for it. I don’t use the white chocolate in the frosting because it’s rich enough without it for our taste. It’s still an awesome cake.” –Fran J

11) Orange Pumpkin Loaf

Orange Pumpkin Loaf

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Submitted by: Carol

Rave Review: “Imagine all the wonderful fragrances of the holidays: pumpkin, orange, and spices. That’s what this orange pumpkin loaf bakes up to be. I was a little skeptical about using an entire orange, but the results are fantastic. I prefer dried cranberries to raisins so that’s what I used. Otherwise, I made no changes to the recipe as written and suggest that you follow it as well. You won’t be disappointed.” –Anastasia Wojiek

12) Black Forest Cake II

Black Forest Cake II

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Submitted by: Valinda

Rave Reviews: “My finance’s favorite dessert is a black forest cake so I was a bit nervous about making him one from scratch. I made this for x-mas and it was a hit by all.” –Scarlett


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