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The Best Way To Eat Spring's Beautiful Fresh Asparagus (A Raw Salad...With Fried Pastrami)

This 5-star asparagus salad puts the RAH! in raw.

Finished Raw Asparagus Salad with Pastrami

Photo by Chef John

It may be the perfect way to eat fresh beautiful spring asparagus.

Thinly shaved asparagus is topped with strips of crispy, salty, fried pastrami and served with a super-simple Dijon dressing.

This salad is simply amazing. Raw food for the rest of us—meaning, people who don't mind topping it with fried pastrami.

No need to cook the asparagus at all. Just shave your asparagus into thin strips. Grab the stalks by the tough, woody end and shave toward the top with a potato peeler, like this:

Peeling Asparagus

Chef John in action.

The sweet, grassy flavors of asparagus really work with the crispy, salty fried pastrami and the tangy mustard dressing.

Watch Chef John make this amazing spring salad.

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