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9 of the Spiciest Recipes on Allrecipes

Be advised, the heat is on! Like a supernova exploding in your mouth, these recipes will have you feeling the burn. They feature hot-hot chile peppers, like ghost peppers and habanero, that rank high on the Scoville scale, which measures a pungent pepper's spicy heat.

Give 'em a try, brave souls! And if the fire burns just a bit too bright, we can help tame the flames.

1. Ghost Pepper Green Sauce

"This is mouth burning, but addictive," says HOLLY9000. "It's great on Peruvian chicken, burritos, salads, or as a veggie dip. For a more tame sauce, omit the ghost peppers."

Ghost Pepper Green Sauce

Photo by bd.weld

2. Phaal

"This is the world's hottest curry," says Jonathan. "It is atomically spicy! Because it contains the world's hottest chile, the Bhut Jolokia or 'Ghost Chile', which is three times hotter than a habanero. This pan-Asian dish is not for the faint of heart."


Photo by John

3. Blazing Wings

"Buffalo wings with an extreme kick," says Jason L. "This recipe can be made hotter if you can find ghost chillies or ghost chilli sauce in replacement of the habanero sauce."

4. Sweet Heat: Mark I

"This sauce will surprise you with a sweet initial flavor followed by rising heat," says Brian Waltz. "It's excellent for grilled wings, as a dip, or as a marinade."

Sweet Heat Mark I

Photo by bd.weld

5. Habanero Hellfire Chili

"This chili is amazing," raves CALTROCKSTAR. "I have won two chili cook-offs and given this recipes to numerous admirers! Never tasted a better chili in my life! Sometimes I cut the hot peppers slightly, but not much."

Habanero Hellfire Chili

Photo by Baasinator

6. Grilled Salmon with Habanero-Lime Butter

Marinate the salmon in orange and lime juice with tequila and minced habanero peppers. Then serve it with a habanero pepper and lime zest butter. "Remove the seeds from the peppers to tame the heat," says Mike Smith, the recipe submitter. You can also substitute a less fiery pepper like jalapenos.

Grilled salmon with habanero butter

Photo by Meredith

7. The Fires of Hades - Hellish Relish

Here it is, the hellish relish! "EXTREMELY MEGA HOT!" warns EL~LOCO~FOODS. "This relish is very sweet but extremely hot -- lip and mouth numbing HOT!"

The Fires of Hades - Hellish Relish

Photo by bd.weld

8. Easy Spicy Mexican-American Chicken

This blazing-hot baked chicken combines loads of cayenne pepper with Mexican-style hot sauce, sweetened with brown sugar. "It is very spicy and tangy," says Anna Rivera. "Chicken thighs are softer and juicier."

9. Jamaican Cabbage

This Jamaican-style cabbage recipe gets the point across with Scotch bonnet chile pepper. "Great with jerk chicken or pork," says NewBerry.

Jamaican Cabbage

Photo by umaarojan

Pro Tip: When prepping your peppers, take El Loco's advice: "Make sure to use rubber gloves when handing and chopping the chili peppers."


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