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6 Unicorn Recipes That Will Add a Little Magic to Your Life

What started with adoration from kids now has adults captivated too. No one can seem to get enough of the bright, sparkling magic that comes with unicorns—even if it's just in our morning smoothie. Here are 6 unicorn-inspired recipes that are sure to put a smile on your face.

Unicorn Waffle Taco Sundae

Unicorn Waffle Taco Sundae | Photo by Allrecipes

It's hard not to smile while you're sipping on the Starbucks Unicorn Frappucino or eating a cute unicorn cupcake. And even though that frapp was only available for a limited time, there was no denying that people want all things bright, colorful, and doused in sparkling sugar. The unicorn trend seems to be here to stay. Want proof? Lucky Charms has gotten on board by adding a permanent unicorn marshmallow to the cereal mix, Target announced its new unicorn ice cream, and Kellogg's has a limited edition unicorn cereal.

If you want to really take it to the next level and make your own unicorn treats at home, these 6 recipes are here to inspire you. Looking for something with all the colors of the rainbow without any artificial food dyes? Don't worry, we have that too.

1. Unicorn Waffle Taco Sundae

Pink strawberry ice cream and fuschia raspberry sorbet make an eye-popping base for colorful rainbow sprinkles on top. What's even more genius about this recipe? Fold a waffle into a taco shell for the taste of a waffle cone without all the work of making one. Watch the video to see how fun and easy it is to make.

2. Unicorn Cupcakes

The best part about these whimsical cupcakes is you probably already have everything you need on hand. Dress up classic vanilla cupcakes with marshmallow "ears," a candle "horn," and a bunch of stardust (aka naturally-dyed sprinkles).

Unicorn Cupcakes

Unicorn Cupcakes | Photo by Eating Well

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3. Rainbow Salad

Go all retro with an old-fashioned layered gelatin salad. Choose pastel colors to capture that unicorn vibe, and be sure to let each layer set up before you add the next one.

Rainbow Salad

Rainbow Salad | Photo by larkspur

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4. Rainbow Piñata Cake

This unicorn cake will knock everyone's socks off! While it's beautiful on the outside with white vanilla frosting covered with pink swirls, it's what's on the inside that's truly impressive—layers of colored cake with sparkling sprinkles and bright candies flowing out from the center—just like a piñata!

Rainbow Pinata Cake

Rainbow Pinata Cake | Photo by Sally's Baking Addiction

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5. Unicorn Milkshake

While this fruity pink drink is delicious on its own, it's all the pizzazz that really sets this "freakshake" apart. Colorful candies line the rim of the glass, and the whole thing is topped with fluffy whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles, and is finished with a dazzlingly large lollipop.

Unicorn Milkshake

Unicorn Milkshake | Photo by Parents

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6. Unicorn Smoothie

Looking for something a little lighter with the same amount of flair? This 3-layer colorful smoothie contains no artificial dyes or colorful candies. Instead, it's made with real fruit and garnished with a rainbow fruit skewer.

Unicorn Smoothie

Unicorn Smoothie | Photo by Eating Well

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