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Try These Takeout Faves in Your Instant Pot

Takeout is great, but consider how much money you'd save cooking them at home. Add Instant Pot to the equation and we're talking about adding quick and easy to the plus side of making restaurant-worthy meals for friends and family with very little fuss. Here are a few incredible recipes to help prove the tasty theory that homemade is best.

1. Instant Pot® Beef Pho

This Vietnamese noodle soup is beloved for its deeply flavored, yet light and aromatic broth. This preparation infuses steamy bowls of head cold-bashing soup with fragrant star anise, ginger, cinnamon and a hint of fish sauce.

650 x 465 IP pho horizontal

Photo by Shauna James Ahern

2. Instant Pot® Chilorio

The taco truck can't touch this succulent, boldly flavored pork! "Use it to make tacos, burritos, chimichangas, tostadas, quesadillas, sopes, or even tamales," says bd.weld.

Instant Pot(R) Chilorio

Photo by bd.weld

3. Chicken and Veggie Miso Soup

"A Japanese-inspired take on traditional chicken noodle soup," says JoDee Phillips. "Full of fresh ingredients and delicious flavor!" Bobby Robinette raves, "This was my first Instant Pot Soup and it turned out great."

Chicken and Veggie Miso Soup

Photo by Bobby Robinette


4. Instant Pot® Thai Red Curry with Chicken

"This sumptuous restaurant-worthy recipe is a perfect use of the Instant Pot," says Diana. "The Thai red curry can be as mild or spicy as you'd like. Chock-full of vegetables and so aromatic."

5. Instant Pot® Indian Butter Chicken

Talk about an excuse to stay in and get cozy, this mildly spicy dish is going to take the chill off in a cook time that's less than 30 minutes. Yes, there's a yogurt-based marinade involved, but it's easy to put together the night before and get the chicken tucked in for a good, long soak. Basmati rice cooks in the Instant Pot in just six minutes.

650 x 465 IP butter chicken straight on

Photo by Shauna James Ahern

6. Instant Pot® Carne Adovado

Hello, Taco Tuesday! This succulent pork is begging to be tucked into a tortilla, a sprinkle of cojita cheese on top. Add a helping of Charro Beans and you've got a feast that goes on for days.

Instant Pot Carne Adovado

Photo by bd.weld

7. Instant Pot® Mongolian Chicken

"Crispy, tender, and flavorful, this sweet and sour chicken is made in less than 30 minutes in your Instant Pot®," says Fioa. "Serve over rice for a quick and easy midweek dinner."

Instant Pot® Mongolian Chicken

Photo by Paula

8. Instant Pot® Coconut-Curry Chicken

"This rich, creamy coconut-curry dish comes together quickly in an Instant Pot®," says Helene Choi. "Customize the taste by using more or less curry powder and sugar. Delicious over jasmine or basmati rice!"

Instant Pot(R) Coconut-Curry Chicken

Photo by Helene Choi

9. Easy Instant Pot® Chicken Tikka Masala

"A wonderful and easy midweek dinner option," says Fioa. "Simple and absolutely irresistible chicken tikka masala made in the Instant Pot® with all the flavors of garam masala and turmeric."

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