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Wait: The Forest Service Has The Blueprint For the Perfect Cocktail?

No, really, they do. And it's pretty gorgeous.

Forest Service Cocktail Blueprints via The National Archive

Hidden away in the National Archives, this poster, created in 1974, takes a construction-blueprint view of classic cocktails, and indicates, at the very least, a serious affinity for a very, very precisely created Manhattan.

Extra fun comes from the "Details" section, where Maraschino cherries are just "sphere-red w/stem" and cocktail olives are "spheroid-green w/red center."

But nothing compares to the loving rendition of a Mint Julep with its sprigs of mint, possibly because this was created in Region 8 of the Forest Service, encompassing most of the Southern United States. Thus the extra love for Bourbon.

So, if you're looking for a government bureaucracy that knows their way around a bar, it looks like the Forest Service is for you.

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