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Jaw-Dropping Watermelon Art From Around The World

Anyone can cut up a watermelon into simple wedges. But check out how some folks are taking melons to the max.


via Vid Nikolic

via Ortolano Production - Valeriano Fatica

via Carnival Australia

But wait, there's more:

via Geeyom Lam

Inspired? Intimidated? No worries. Here are some easier projects to try out:

Watermelon Grill with Fruit Kabobs

by Sandra Denneler via SheKnows


via Schnuck Markets

via HooplaKidz

Or you can simply arrange sliced watermelon artfully:

Watermelon Art Assemblage

by Sakir Gokcebag via


A couple of fun ways to serve watermelon:

via CrazyRussianHacker

via Recette

And while your mind's on watermelon:

Learn the telltale signs of a perfectly ripe watermelon.

Happy watermelon summer!

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